Super Bowl Contest: Winners Announced

Chiefs Win – And So Do These Nine Individuals

Staff Reports

A total of 130 entries were received for this year’s Super Bowl picks contest, about 50 more than in the inaugural year of 2022. Of those, 82 or 63 percent selected the Eagles with the other 48 or 37 percent selecting the victorious Chiefs. With increased entries came increased prizes.

Bella Kaldy emerged victorious after selecting the Chiefs to prevail 38-32 or just three points off the final score of 38-35 and final point total of 73. Max Drzewiecki and Michael Koerner were off by just one point, each predicting a 38-31 win by the Chiefs. The top five finishers received prizes and four random winners were also chosen with two coming from those who selected the Eagles and two more coming from those who selected the Chiefs. Gift cards will be distributed by week’s end through English classes.

Thanks for playing. Be ready for the Final Four in early April.


Final Score: Chiefs 38, Eagles 35

First ($20): Bella Kaldy: Chiefs, 38-32 (70)

Second (Tie, $15): Max Drzewiecki: Chiefs, 38-31 (69)

Second (Tie, $15): Michael Koerner: Chiefs 38-31 (69)

Fourth ($10): Leah Mercado: Chiefs 42-36 (78)

Fifth ($10): Dominic Traber: Chiefs 35-32 (67)

Random Winners ($10)

Brodie Albert (Eagles)

Samantha De Jesus (Chiefs)

Tessa Gile (Chiefs)

Kelly Szegda (Eagles)




The Panther Press is holding its second annual Super Bowl Contest. Nearly 100 individuals participated last season with seven gift cards awarded. We will award gift cards of $20, $15 and $10 to the winners this contest. If we reach 75 entries, two added random winners will be chosen.

Make sure you do the following to submit your pick:

  • Click on Comments tab attached to this story.
  • As you start to type in “Share Your Thoughts,” the window opens.
  • Predict The Winner and Final Score
  • Underneath the pick, confirm the total points and margin of victory – those are the first two tiebreakers with a random drawing being the third.
  • Use your full name and school email in the form. No exceptions.
  • Members of the community only – although you can seek advice or speak for a family member if you so choose.
  • One entry per person.
  • No entries accepted after 5 p.m. Sunday 2/12.
  • You win if you are the only one to pick the score correctly. After that, all winners go to a our tiebreakers starting with total points and then margin of victory and finally, random drawing.
  • Picks will be posted.

Example Entry – Your Entry must look like this. Put the Winning Team First. 

Eagles 35, Chiefs 34

Total Points: 69

Margin of Victory: 1

That is it.

Good luck.