The First Snow

by Joy Rollins, Class of 2020


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Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Is ready to step up again this year, and so are these musicians.

Joy Rollins, Contributor

The First Snow (2019)

by Joy Rollins, Class of 2020


It was cold

Too cold

Too cold for anything

Two layers

Three layers

It wasn’t enough

It was never quite enough

But despite the cold

Despite the cold

It never snowed

The ground lay bare

And dead

And cold

The wind stung

The wind bit

The wind put the bare branches of the trees into a kind of twisted dance

All of them dead

All of them cold


But then

One cold day

It wasn’t as cold

The wind slowed

The trees stilled

And from the clouds came a flurry of white flakes

They lazily drifted down into a big fluffy pile

Doors opened

Children ran out into the snow

It was still cold

But it wasn’t as cold anymore