Spring 2021: Making a Yearbook in the Face of a Pandemic

Finishing a yearbook is always a challenging chore, especially so last year.


(Staff Photo)

The 2020-21 yearbook took quite a bit of work, but the staff finished this job, complete with this stunning cover.

Darienne Halle, Contributor

Editor’s Note: This story was written last spring describing the process of completing the 2021 yearbook. We run it here in thanks to those students and also in appreciation of those working diligently to complete the 2022 edition. 

One thing that everyone can agree on is that Covid brought about many changes and challenges to our routines and traditions. The 2020-21  school year was all about charting unknown territory with new methods of learning, new safety guidelines, and even new ways of communication. With these changes came some letdowns, like having important traditions changed and annual events cancelled, but despite all that, we have all made it to the last stretch of the year. To honor this perseverance, the yearbook committee worked hard all year to put together a yearbook that encompasses all that was achieved this past year. Though, just like everything else, producing this year’s book did not come without difficulty. 

As many of you know, a yearbook is nothing without pictures. That being said, a struggle we faced when making this yearbook was getting enough images to fill the pages. The yearbook staff relied heavily on parents, students, and staff to send in pictures or candids in order to have some content to fill sections with, in place of the many events that were cancelled. On behalf of the yearbook staff, we would like to thank everyone who did send in pictures and helped make this yearbook possible. 

In addition to image shortages, the yearbook committee also felt the added pressures that came with being separated and forced to work virtually. Without being able to meet face to face, there were sometimes communication errors or mishaps. There were many technical issues throughout the entire process which resulted in the yearbook staff not being able to meet specific deadlines.Unfortunately, getting these issues resolved was challenging at best, and like everything else, we had to be patient and hope that eventually, things would improve. Undeterred by these hindrances, the yearbook staff continued on in pursuit of completing the yearbook in a manner that would encapsulate the greatest parts of this past year. 

Lastly, as a result of this hectic year, there were complications with the production of yearbooks. Unfortunately, this may mean our school’s yearbook will have late publication. Regardless, all students who purchased one will be getting them as soon as they arrive. With all that being said, the yearbook staff deserves a round of applause for their incredible work as does our tireless leader, Wendy Wierzbicki. Specifically in terms of students, a big thank you to Annabelle Krueger, Raven Dest, and Madison Dunstan for dedicating free time throughout this year and working hard to get the 2020-21 book completed.