NFL Playoff (Mc)Picks: Join Us This Week By Making Your Picks

Breaking .500 Just Too Tough


(NFL Form)

Rough Weekend for Prognosticators. Mr. Kennedy posted the best record at 2-2, but only Brendan Raynor has his Super Bowl winner still alive, so he stands as the favorite. Connor McPicks, our staff writer, is now 7-3. The games were so close – every single one was perhaps one play from the winner becoming the loser and the loser becoming the winner. So we will see how that group fairs over the next couple of weeks with one point for each win and award small gift cards, but we will initiate a new group as well and keep those gift cards coming – in small quantities, of course. Any individual – including those from last week who want to pick again – can select winners over the final two weeks. Follow the form below. Please note Cincinnati beat Kansas City this year in the regular season, and the 49ers beat the Rams twice.

Sunday’s Conference Championships

Cincinnati at Kansas City

San Francisco at LA Rams

Super Bowl

Conference Winners (Winner and Total Points in Super Bowl)