Notes From Alice’s World

Director’s Note, Costumer’s Note As Well As Cast and Crew


(Staff Photo)

The play’s poster was designed by Gillian Duhaime.

Director’s Note

Alice in Wonderland is a children’s play, but how do people older connect to it? In this adaptation, Alice goes on a journey to find who her second self is. Along the way, she encounters bizarre characters who make the journey fun, yet stressful and unforgettable. Alice is in a strange, new world and is only trying to find some sense of comfort. The only help any other character brings involves confusing directions! Even though everyone in Wonderland is sketchy, Alice still trusts the directions and they lead her to the truth. We never know what happens to Alice or anyone in Wonderland. At the end of the play, I want the audience to use their imagination.

I took a children’s play script and made grown choices using my creativity. Even with restrictions of the pandemic, I tried my best to give life and meaning to the play.  Alice is lost, kind of like me. Directing this show only made me question even more things in my life.  Although this show has left me with questions, it gave me a kind of reassurance that no matter what I do, I will have fun, especially if I stay as curious as Alice about the unique people I encounter.  This show tells me anything can happen in our journey called life. I myself went through a journey while directing this show. I was so excited at first, yet so clueless, kind of like Alice. I learned patience; not everything went my way. We had many setbacks which, in the end, only made our production stronger. I could not have directed this play without help from so many people.

Thank you to Abercrombie and Welden,

Thank you to Molly, tech, and crew,

Thank you to Myra,

Thank you to Ellie,

Thank you to any understudies (Daniel, Billie, J., and more),

Thank you to my big cast for helping my vision come to life!

Alice in Wonderland can mean many things. Interpret it however you want. That’s what makes it fun!

~Madelyn Bonkowski

 Costumer’s Note

As a senior at E.O. Smith, I entered the drama program after joining Acting I class. I was looking for a new adventure in my time at E.O. and was informed that there was a costuming position available in the Drama Club. Without hesitation, I jumped into the challenge. Little did I know this program would teach me incredible amounts about both costuming and tech in the Performing Arts department.

In the production of all the costumes before you, I was faced with countless events of trial and error. Many successes and many failures led to what stands before you in the mystical production brought to you by my peers and directed by Maddy. These countless hours spent in school and at home taught me endless amounts about myself as well. This experience has opened both creative doors in my life as well as a way to see through the negatives of the pandemic and into the positives of what is to come.

The ability to participate in an Independent Study has only made this experience more meaningful to me. As I worked closely with Ms. Abercrombie to create a customized class for the theater department, I have learned more than I ever thought possible in just a short amount of time. From auditions to closing night, I am forever grateful for what working with all these amazing people has taught me.

Thank you Ms. Abercombie, as well as the Cast and Crew, for making all of this possible.


                                                                                                ~Myra Morgan 


Cast List

Alice: Elizabeth Morris

Second Alice: Parker Perosky

Mad Hatter: Bri Peck

Cheshire Cat: MacKenzie Sherman

Caterpillar: Myra Morgan

March Hare: Taya Asberry

Queen: Chanel De La Cruz

King: Collin Moffitt

Dormouse: Sophia Caneira

White Rabbit: Nora Brown

Tweedle Dee: Gillian Duhaime

Tweedle Dum: Amelia Fleming

Humpty: Daniel Heumann

Tiger-lily: Lucy Provost

Rose: Hayden Magoon

Daisy 1: Anastasia Wehner

Daisy 2: Greta Garner

Duchess: Katie Lynch

Cook: Taya Asberry

Frog-Footman: Alexander Gilchenok

Fish-Footman: Grant Gifford

Old Squirrel: Dana Van Dyke

Gardener Two: Kendal O’Hearn

Gardener Five: Skye Martin

Gardener Seven: Savanna Blanchard

Knave: Jack Dooley

General: Billie Stern

Executioner: Daniel Heumann

Sister: Katarina Boskovic/Myra Morgan

White Knight: Chance Samuels


Flowers & Jury members: Eva Fleming, Layla Fish, Greta Garner, Sarah Lefkowitz, Katie Lynch

Jury Members & Soldier Cards: Hattie Maynard, Gracelyn Pare, Lily Beers, Madison Schenk, Leah Mercado, Emma Drew

Director: Madelyn Bonkowski

Costume Designer: Myra Morgan

Production Assistants:  Jessenia Hernandez & Gillian Duhaime

Assistant Costume Construction: Myra Morgan, Justin Martin, Cailey Shine,

Kai Tefft, Morgan Fontaine, Lily Beers, Emma Drew

Light Designer:  Arya Patel

Sound Designer: Meghan Bennett

Sound Manager:  Amber Recchia

Assistant Sound Manager:  Sam Greenwood

Co-Stage Managers: Lillian Conway and Kai Tefft

Stagehands:  Elizabeth Lopez, Kai Tefft, Ollie Henchir, Emma Drew, Hattie Landry

Tech/Set/Props: Kai Tefft, Lillian Conway, Ollie Henchir, Lily Beers, Amalia Munteaun, Olivia Esparaza-Finsmith, Allyssa Tellier, Kaitlyn Valles, Hattie Landry, Lorelei Tindall, Yasmine Del Rio, Morgan Fontaine, Liam Brunton, Aiden DaCosta, Amber Reccia, Sean McNally, and Sam Greenwood

House Managers: Ms. Abercrombie & Gianna Federico-Kelly

Box Office/Ticket Sales:  Ms. Abercrombie & Elizabeth Lopez

Ushers: Gianna Federico-Kelly, Liam Brunton, Megan Delaney & Crew

Set Construction/Painting:  Mr. Welden, Emma Smith, Cast & Crew

Program:  Elizabeth Lopez, Myra Morgan, Ms. Abercrombie

Poster:  Gillian Duhaime

T-Shirts:  Mr. Welden & Mr. Donahue & Kaitlyn Valles

Promotion:   Ms. Abercrombie, Gillian Duhaime, Cast & Crew

Drama Club Stage Management/Tech I.A. & Advisor: Ms. Vines

Drama Club Set Construction/Tech Advisor/Assistant Director: Mr. Welden

Drama Club Advisor/Director: Ms. Abercrombie