Class of 2022: How Your Student Government is Adapting Under Difficult Circumstances


Gabriel Agüero, Editor

Focus on giving back to our community and helping your classmates. The smallest things can make a big difference.”

— Class of 2022 President Nick Lanza

Throughout this turbulent period, many typical facets of high school life have been compromised. The Class of 2022 student government, led by President Nick Lanza, Vice-President Lexi Esparza-Finsmith, Treasurer Connor Dudas, and Secretary Logan Palmer, has been trying to make this year as good if not better than previous ones.

The incoming class should know that despite the suboptimal circumstances, their class officers are working diligently to provide them with all of the events and resources possible,” says Treasurer Dudas. Dudas said that in spite of these circumstances last year the student government managed to do a few innovative activities, such as a popcorn fundraiser and glove selling. So far, Dudas said, the class has sold 41 pairs of gloves at 15 dollars each. Unfortunately, the class of 2022’s most daunting responsibility has been compromised: the 2021 junior prom.

But the Lanza administration is optimistic about the plans for this year. In fact, President Lanza commented on the outlook for the 2021-2022 year by saying he plans to have “Longer lunches, more flexible schedules, and [fundraisers] for our class… It is important that we make up for lost time, that is what this year is all about. This is our year, and I am going to do everything I can to make it a time to remember.” President Lanza also stated that seniors should know “[t]here will be schedule changes coming up. I also predict we will see more opportunities for class events once we get through the winter. For the new class this year, all I can say is work hard, and have fun. High school is a time to find yourself and explore different opportunities. At the same time, focus on giving back to our community and helping your classmates. The smallest things can make a big difference.”

One way to help out our community and classmates is to take part in the Dean’s Beans Coffee Fundraiser. According to Class of 2022 advisor Mr. Swanson, this fundraiser is an excellent way to show your support for your fellow peers. Basically, E.O. Smith is acting as the intermediary for the sale of Dean’s Beans to students, taking a small percentage of the profit to fund big events for this year. Dean’s Beans is a high quality organic coffee company with a mission of using specialty coffee as a vehicle for positive social, economic, and ecological change. By purchasing a set of beans through our school, you are not only contributing to this mission, but you are helping our school acquire the necessary capital to fund the events all of you want to see. 

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