Book Review: The Winter King

Relatable Character Develops Realistically


Book Reviewed: The Winter King

Author: Christine Cohen

Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy

Pages: (Hardcover) 360


A curse, harsh winter, and a king: Cora Nickleson is the 16- year-old, amber-eyed heroine of this story, and she is mature, feisty, and angry at the village’s beloved Winter King. He supposedly watches over the people of Hrimsbury during the four months of winter and when their village is trapped in snow. Everyone worships him with gifts and prayers, even Cora’s closest friend, Peder Sorvenson, is profoundly loyal to the King. But ever since her father fell beneath the ice that cold day, her family has been considered cursed, leaving Cora to wonder if the Winter King is really all that they say he is. 


The Winter King by Christine Cohen is a story of hope, courage, and a dash of romance that captured my attention through every page. It is aimed right at the teens of nowadays and has both dystopian and fantasy elements. Mystery and secrets are cleverly woven between the lines, and a longing only few can explain fills the book to brim. It is an enchanting tale, and simple enough so the reader is not wondering what’s happening  midway through. 


Christine Cohen is a Spokane native who moved to Moscow Idaho for college. When she was younger she fell in love with Lord of the Rings by  J.R.R Tolkien and would lock herself in her room, filling up notebook after notebook with her fantasy stories. She never forgot what it was like to be a young adult, incorporating the elements I appreciate and are drawn to, without making me feel too young.


What I liked most about the book was how the main character was relatable and that she grew throughout the story. The steady rhythm of the words allowed you to read at any pace, and the pages are smaller but rich in detail. The story resonates with you long after you finish; you’ll want to read it again and again.