EO Smith Senior Days Are Underway!


Students: Aminieli Hopson, left, Kiley Girard, center, Nick Lanza, right. They are working towards helping seniors overcome obstacles while making it memorable to enjoy their senior year. (Picture taken by Wendy Wierzbicki)


This year’s seniors have definitely experienced a lot in this past year and a half. Being stuck home half of sophomore year and all of junior year, the seniors have grown and are starting to form who they are. 

With the time lost, the class of 2022 has started to focus on community and being a reconnected group where we could start bonding again. To start this better formed connection, students decided to create a “Senior Day” in September. All students wore their “Class of 2022” or their own decorated senior shirt to our school’s outside courtyard and took a class picture as well as signing a banner. With a large percentage of the class participating, it allowed for everyone to reconnect and join each other in an activity that kicked off the school year on a positive note. 

The two seniors that put this together were Aminieli Hopson and Nick Lanza. Aminieli wanted there to be a way to have the class join together, “knowing that at least doing something for 5 minutes might energize the school environment after a year and a half off.” He wasn’t wrong. People were eager and curious to learn of this activity, and once seniors started to flow into the library, the buzz and excitement was prevalent. 

Students were able to sign handmade posters and were included in one large class picture. This picture, though, really represents much more. “It’s more than just a picture too. Everyone was able to make their mark on the posters everyone signed and in the photo that will be in the yearbook,” said Aminieli. With this, people can look back on this day and future ones later this year and know they left their mark because this class has been able to come together with joy and spirit. This is extremely important because people haven’t been able to really get together and get to know each other, something Nick Lanza pointed out. The continuation of these types of events could be very beneficial to students, who can start to make more friends now that people are back in person. That could help everyone feel reunited. 

Nick Lanza states, “the hope is that the future events are going to be more substantial.” When discussing how they would like these events to continue, both Nick and Aminieli agree that everyone would love to have events that will last longer because these types of days will allow for the socialization and reconnection people have been waiting for. This reconnection has and will continue to improve students’ social well being, and having that human interaction excites students.

The possibilities are endless for these Senior Days, but one thing is for certain: We are back, and students are ready to rejoice as a class!