Beowulf and Bad Actors: Winter Play Program


Winter Plays

The E.O. Smith Drama Club



A short Drama Translated and Adapted by

Gabriel Dean

Directed by Collin Moffitt


Bad Auditions By Bad Actors

A Comedy by Ian McWethy

Directed by Jack Dooley

Sat. Dec. 3, 2022@ 7:30 p.m. &

Sun. Dec. 4, 2022@ 2:30 p.m.

(Mature themes)

 E.O. Smith Auditorium



Beowulf- Collin Moffitt

The Poet- Katie Lynch

Unferth- Evelyn Stern

Singing Woman/Ensemble- Ellie Morris

Grendel- Evelyn Stern

Grendel’s Mother- Helena Hand

Wigluf- Ollie Henchir

Wealthlow- Lucy Provost

Hygelac- Alex Gilchenok

Boy/Ensemble- Julia Burns

Messenger/Ensemble- Sarah Lefkowitz

Hrothgar- Kendal O’Hearn

Aeschere- Avia Hartman

Dragon-Austin Crim


Layla Fish

Hattie Landry

Gracelyn Pare

Julia Burns

Ellie Morris

Sarah Lefkowitz


Avia Hartman….Violin

Lila Gillon……. Violin

Matthew Billings-Chiu…….Viola

Oliver Smith……Bass

Samuel Pauley-DeLapp…Violin and Sound Designer/Composer 


Production Team

Lead Stage & House Manager…Ollie Henchir (Beowulf)

Stage Manager…Q Asberry (BABA)

Set & Props…Mr. Welden with Monty Grable, Madeleine Ainscough, Hafsa Biykli, Mady Chandler, Jasper Cote, Samantha DeJesus, Bella Famularo, Tobi Grable, Anderson Gwinnell, Eleanor Johnston, Veronica Pallo, Evie Sinclair, Nola Smith, Lorna Starkweather, Liz Toomey, Kyrian VanDyke, Jordan VanDyke, Trinity Stark, Kaitlyn LeBreton, Elizabeth Lopez, Samuel Pauley-DeLapp

Stagehands…Monty Grable, Eleanor Johnston, Elizabeth Lopez, Liz Toomey, Toby Grable, Madeleine Ainscough, Daniel Heumann, Morgan Fontaine

Costumes/Design…Mr. Welden with Q Asberry, Collin Moffit, Jack Dooley and Cast

Costume orders…Ms. Abercrombie with Q Asberry & Collin Moffitt

Puppetry (Team Dragon)…Mr. Welden with Nola Smith, Eleanor Johnston, Morgan Fontaine, Amelia McAleer, Ms. Andrews, Ms. Govoni

Makeup….Madeleine Ainscough, Isabella Nichisti, Hafsa Biykli, Bella Famularo, Tobi Grable, Nola Smith

Sound/Mics…William Braithwaite, Samuel Pauley-DeLapp, Evie Sinclair

Lighting Design…. Monty Grable & Jasper Cote

Sound Design….William Braithewaite

Assistant Sound Design…. Sam Pauley-DeLappe, Evie Sinclair

Videography…Mr. Welden

Ushers…Elizabeth Lopez, Daniel Heumann, Jordan Van Dyke, Sam

Box Office/Promotion/T-shirt Design…Ms. Abercrombie

Tickets….Mr. Welden

Program…Mr. Welden, Ms. Abercrombie, Ollie Henchir

Drama Club Tech Director/Advisor….Mr. Welden

Drama Club Director/Advisor…Ms. Abercrombie


Director’s Note

Hi! Thanks for coming to our shows! My name is Collin Moffitt and I’m directing and starring in Beowulf. To start with, I didn’t think I would be acting in this show until I had to take over for someone, and I would like to thank my cast for being patient with me while I was having to do both. Everyone has been giving it 110% percent, and I’ve had a blast working with everyone as they helped me build my passion project. 

Scandinavian history and Norse mythology have always been extremely interesting to me.  What drew me into both the history and mythology of the Norsemen was the story of Ragnarök, the twilight of the Gods, and the story of Sigurd the Fafnir Bane, the mightiest of the Völsung line and slayer of the Dragon Fafnir from the Völsunga Saga poems. My goal is to hopefully be a historian one day and teach medieval and Scandinavian history at the college level. While Beowulf is a Christianized version of a word-of-mouth Viking tale, this production as a whole is my love letter to Norse mythology, as well as Viking history, the culture, and their poetry as a whole. 

This is going to be my life, and I thank you for coming to see the start of it.

                               ~Collin Moffitt


There will be a 10 minute intermission between productions. 


Bad Auditions By Bad Actors



Carol Danes: Parker Perosky

Avery Stern: Nora Brown

Roger: Helena Hand

Melissa McNall: Heather Boisvert

Coach: Sarah Lefkowitz

Joe Romano: Daniel Heumann

Josie: Hattie Landry

Maria McConville: Elle Ouellett

Martin: Evelyn Stern

Catherine: Alice Klassen

Meg McCrossen: Bella Famularo

Charlize Finegold: Julia Burns

Agent: Kendal O’Hearn

Josh: Katie Lynch

Edmond: Emily Leszczynski

Sue Toff: Ray Tse

Uma Henson: Katie Lynch

Yasmine: Layla Fish

Taggart: Q Asberry

Vance Hendrikson: Sarah Lefkowitz

Amy: Ellie Morris

Zeph: Hazel Pufahl

Quint: River White

Police Officer: Avia Hartman

Wendell Offerman: Collin Moffitt


Bad Auditions By Bad Actors

Director’s Note

Hi everyone! Thank you all so much for coming to see Bad Auditions by Bad Actors or BABA as it has come to be known as to my cast. This was an amazing opportunity for me made possible by a slew of amazing actors, techies, and advisors all of whom have my gratitude.
When I first started searching for a show, I had a lot of trouble finding something that I really connected with. But then I stumbled upon BABA. I immediately fell in love with the zaniness of the show and characters. I knew that this would not only be fun for me but also provide a challenge to whatever actors were taking on these roles, and let me just say that I was blown away by the surge of talent that entered the club this year.

It’s kind of ironic that I chose a show about a first time director for my first time directing. I’ve had the honor of working with some amazing people over the past few months, and I’d like to take a moment to thank them for everything they have done. Firstly, I would like to thank Q for all of their hard work helping to bring these characters to life through costuming and as my stage manager. I would like to thank Will and Jasper for putting up with my constant indecision about lights and sound. I would like to thank our wonderful advisors, Ms. Abercrombie and Mr. Welden, whose advice has been invaluable throughout this entire process. I would like to thank my amazing cast for putting up with my antics, like making them play Simon Says or making them watch cat videos to get in character. Finally, I would like to thank you! Your support of this club and show means everything to me so thank you and enjoy the show.

~Jack Dooley


Thanks to 

E.O. Smith Fine Arts Department

E.O. Smith Building & Grounds

E.O. Smith Foundation

E.O. Smith Faculty, Staff, and Administration

Parents, Guardians, Relatives, and Friends of the Cast, Tech Crew & Advisors


For yet another E.O. Smith Drama Club Showcase:

Saturday, March 4, 2023 @ 7:30

& Sunday, March 5, 2023@ 2:30

Cirque Du Macabre 

Written & Directed 

by Nora Brown

Cabaret Interlude 

Directed by Parker Perosky 

Completely, Absolutely Normal

Vignettes about LGBTQ+ Teens by Bradley Walton

Directed by Daniel Heumann