Homecoming: Another Step Toward Normalcy

Homecoming Required Plenty of Planning and Effort

Homecoming: Another Step Toward Normalcy

Christina Cherniske, Staff Writer

Autumn finally came, the leaves fell quickly. School was changing as well.  Certain activities were making a comeback, and with the chilly weather came its share of heartwarming activities –  most notably, the Homecoming festival, spirit week, the week’s football game, and, of course, the dance!

Now you might be wondering: Who was in charge of all this? Who organized the homecoming dance and activities? That would be the one and only Homecoming Committee! Advised by the one and only Madame Tubbs and run by E.O’s seniors, the committee  also had representatives from the other grades to help pitch ideas. The members  met on various Tuesdays in the LMC. The Hoco Committee was in charge of planning the themes, making the hoco videos/flyers, and setting up for the events. 

Thanks to that group, the entire week was jam-packed with opportunities for the school community to create memories.  Starting off on the Friday before Hoco Week, E.O. staged its  first Pep rally in over five years! Outside on the turf, students were led in a dance off, relay races, teacher and student musical chairs competition, and more. E.O’s Panther mascot was even there! The sophomores took the prize of first place in the class challenge thanks to  lots of enthusiasm. 

A school wide spirit week was held throughout the whole of Homecoming week . A poll had been taken near the end of summer for the themes with students deciding on a fun mix of PJ day, Twin day, Formal day, Neon day, and Color wars! The poll also determined the theme of the homecoming dance. This year was voted to be Harvest Moon, focusing on the mystical, full moon nights for which the season is known. 

The color war colors represented students becoming bolder and stronger as their careers progressed: Freshman – White, Sophomores – Gray, Juniors – Black, and Seniors – Red

All throughout the week leading up to the dance, the seniors and freshmen were in a spirit competition. Students were able to vote on the better dressed class advisors. The freshman won to the disappointment of the seniors, who were worthy opponents. The football game (E.O vs. Northwest Catholic) was themed Surfers versus Bikers as students and teachers decked out in leis and leather jackets. E.O. Smith won that night 43-6 as part of what was a strong season!

That Saturday before the dance was E.O’s first ever Homecoming festival at which clubs and sports teams could fundraise and advertise. Booths were set up on the exterior grounds and South parking lot. Eighteen booths were open and around 200 people showed up! The festival also gave students the opportunity to fundraise for their class. All the money they made goes toward future class trips and dances. Each class sold something different.

The committee was also in charge of decorating, doing an excellent job of using simple decorations to spark the fall feeling in the air. In the gym there were multicolored lights dancing on the ceiling and strung along the walls, leaf garlands wrapped around the lights, and a disco ball spinning away. The DJ had his own set up too, with booming speakers and  flashing lights. In the LMC all the tables were laid with golden tablecloths, and the path to the courtyard was strewn with leaves.  Outside in the courtyard the air was crisp and cool, the full moon hanging above the rooftops. 

The dance took place in the front gym, LMC, and courtyard. For three hours students laughed, talked, and danced the night away. All of homecoming week was amazing, a chance for students to make new friends and have a sense of normalcy. 

Lastly, some shout-outs to all those behind the scenes that made the night special:

  • Madame Tubbs and  Mrs. Tobias – Senior advisors
  • Hoco Committee Seniors: Jack Bienvenue, Julia Healey-Paperea, Kanishk Tihaiya, Lauren Levine, Sarah Levine, and Damian Till.
  • Doug Tourigny (security)
  • All the E.O chaperons for the dance
  • E.O Smith Buildings and Ground crew