The Crucible: Cast and Crew

The Individuals Listed Below Made It All Happen


The Crucible: Program Information


John Proctor: Jack Dooley 

Abigail Williams:  Madelyn Bonkowski 

Elizabeth Proctor: Gillian Duhaime 

 Mary Warren: MacKenzie Sherman

Reverend Parris: Billie Stern 

Reverend John Hale: Daniel Heumann

Tituba: Chanel De La Cruz 

Judge Danforth: Jay Hernandez

Giles Corey:  Collin Moffitt

Rebecca Nurse:  Elizabeth Morris 

Francis Nurse: Grant Gifford

Mercy Lewis: Katie Lynch

Betty Parris: Lucy Provost

Judge Hathorne: Alexander Gilchenok 

John Willard:  Tay Asberry 

Ezekial Cheever: Spencer Slayton

Ann Putnam: Nora Brown 

Thomas Putnam: Sam Greenwood

Martha Corey: Nora Brown

Susanna Walcott: Sarah Lefkowitz(Sat.)/Katarina Boskovic(Sun.)

Sarah Good: Hayden Magoon

Ruth Putnam: Kendal O’Hearn 

Hopkins: Ollie Henchir

Marshal George Herrick:  Kiyran Van Dyke

Featured Duet Dancers:  Parker Perosky and Angelica Jones 

Featured Dancers: Madelyn Bonkowski, Katie Lynch, MacKenzie Sherman, Elizabeth Morris, Ellie Morris, Kendal O’Hearn, Hayden Magoon, Lucy Provost, Layla Fish, Leah Mercado, Skye Martin, Greta Garner

Ensemble/Girls:  Layla Fish, Kendal O’Hearn, Leah Mercado, Sarah Lefkowitz, Kiyran Van Dyke, Skye Martin, Greta Garner


Directors: Gillian Duhaime, Jay Hernandez, Chanel De La Cruz, and Madelyn Bonkowski

Stage Managers: Ollie Henchir, Tay Asberry

Costume Designer: Myra Morgan

Costume Assistants:  Justin Martin, Emma Drew, Morgan Fontaine, Kaitlyn Valles

Light Designer: Meghan Bennett

Lights Assistant: Amber Recchia, Kaitlyn Valles, Maggie Prosperie

 Sound Designer: Meghan Bennett

Sound Assistant: Amber Recchia, Parker Perosky, Angelica Jones. William Braithwaite

Set Designer: Ollie Henchir

Props/Set:  Alyssa Tellier, Ollie Henchir, Kai Tefft, Amber Recchia

Donated Set Pieces: Jonathan Robert Smith, Sara Anne Chaine, Amber Recchia

Curtain:  Hattie Landry

Tech: Lily Beers, Emma Drew, Allyssa Tellier, Kaitlyn Valles, Hattie Landry, Lorelei Tindall, Morgan Fontaine, Kai Tefft, Ollie Henchir, Tay Asberry, Luke Jeffreys, Elizabeth Lopez, William Braithwaite, Thomas Lownes, Monty Grable, Analysse Behan, August Anderson, Kiyran Van Dyke, Amber Recchia

Choreographers: Madelyn Bonkowski & Parker Perosky

House Manager: Gianna Federico-Kelly & Ms. Abercrombie  

Videography:  Mr. Welden

Usher: Airi Manley & Gianna Federico-Kelly

Box Office/Ticket Sales:  Ms. Abercrombie & Ms. Sara Heumann 

Set Construction/Painting:  Mr. Welden, Cast & Crew, Ms. Vivica Parrish and the E.O. Smith Art Club: Onalyse Behan, Laura Day, Destiny Epps, Scarlett Irrig, Kiera Klein, Finola (Nola) Smith, Lorelei Tindall, Soleil Zugarazo, Sadhana Lama

Program:  Gillian Duhaime, Tay Asberry, Ms. Abercrombie & Mr. Welden

Poster:  Gillian Duhaime  

Drama Club T-Shirts:  Mr. Welden & Mr. Donahue & Kaitlyn Valles

Promotion:  Ms. Abercrombie, Gillian Duhaime, Cast & Crew

Stage Management/Tech I.A.: Ms. Molly Vines

Drama Club Set Construction/Tech Advisor/Assistant Director: Mr. Scott Welden

Drama Club Advisor/Director: Ms. Denise Abercrombie

 Directors’ Notes


It all started in the summer of 2021 when I was looking for a play for my senior year. After searching through numerous plays, I came across The Crucible. There were many reasons as to why I chose this specific play, one was that I actually had some knowledge on the play already, since I read it during my tenth grade English class. What would be a better way to finish my senior year in Drama Club than with a play I learned back in sophomore year? Directing this play took a lot of patience, hard work, and some tears, but I must say that I am very proud of what I and my fellow directors have produced during the time we were given. Originally, I was going to direct this 2-hour play all by myself, but then I was easily convinced that maybe adding more people would help out a little bit more, and thank god I did. The other directors have helped tremendously with this play, and I am grateful for our determination to make The Crucible become a reality. ~Chanel De La Cruz

As a woman, the story of The Crucible always stuck with me with its undertones of sexism. The Crucible has always been one of my favorite books to read in English class because the story has always fascinated me. I truly think this wonderful cast and crew brought this story to life. I have made so many great friends throughout the past six to eight weeks, and I am so grateful to be a part of the Drama Club. There were definitely struggles during this process, a lot of tears and sweat were put into this show, but this amazing cast and crew that I had the chance to work with became my friends.  This connection has truly made this once in a lifetime opportunity very, very exciting. ~Gillian Duhaime

This past year has been extremely eventful for me. A highlight was when I directed Alice in Wonderland for the school. I’ve already had previous experience with directing a show, so I thought The Crucible would be a bit easier to direct especially with other directors. However, this show brought new challenges and every show is different. While the sets and costumes are simplistic, the acting and meaning of the show is on another level. This show might have been challenging, but it was also rewarding because I got to see my visions, especially the first dance come to life. My connections to people in the show grew stronger as well. Directing and performing this show is something that might have been challenging, but I don’t regret it.   ~Madelyn Bonkowski

Through my time with these actors and working on this production I have learned to appreciate our times and listen to others. The story of the witch trials, while harsh, is very educational. I have learned to look at things from different perspectives and not jump to rash and final decisions. I have had lots of fun co-directing with the other directors and working alongside the actors. We have had many fun moments, and I found this show and club a great way to end my senior year. ~Jay Hernandez

Costumer’s Note

The Crucible taught me more and more in the field of tech and costuming. Alice in Wonderland taught me to be bold, and The Crucible taught me to be subtle. These two major differences were both challenging and intriguing. With the help of the wonderful directors, the show came to life. They shared their visions and as a cast, we brought their vision to life! This show was so much more than just a simple production; the story of The Crucible holds a space in everyone’s mind as a tale of perseverance. This show was just that–countless errors solved with endless solutions, both in costuming and tech. 

I want to thank the directors for bringing this show to life!

I also write about the biggest family of techies I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with. Thank you all for all of the work, power, and time you put into this. This show couldn’t happen without you!

A massive thank you to the cast of actors as well; you brought every individual character to life and thank you for all of your participation in helping backstage and in costuming!

–Myra Morgan

Drama Club Advisor’s Note

crucible:  a severe test or trial; a vessel for heating hot liquids 

I was moved when two of my former American Literature students, Chanel De La Cruz and Gillian Duhaime, approached me with their desire to direct The Crucible along with fellow senior directors, Jay Hernandez and Madelyn Bonkowski.  I was curious to see how these four dynamos in a time of pandemic would stage Arthur Miller’s play borne out of the Red Scare of the 1950s.  

Over the past months, staying safe from Covid-19 throughout rehearsal haunted their process. The invisible but very real scourge of Delta and Omicron echoed the spirit world of Puritan Salem with its imagined incubi and succubi.  The cast and crew rallied through the pervading fear of infection, and persisted in creating with their kn95 masks, hand sanitizer, and social distance.  Like Miller and his original cast, all were on edge that the show would be canceled–not for political reasons, but rather spikes in January across New England. 

Once again, the students insisted the show must go on–and with dance!  Chanel, Gillian, Jay, and Madelyn led the way as they modeled collaboration, artistry, compromise, and perseverance. We are indebted to the hard work of our techies, our talented costumer, Myra Morgan, and especially to Meghan Bennett, who lit the show with very short notice. And where would we be without Mr. Scott Welden, our Tech Director extraordinaire, who never stops giving?

As snow melts and infection rates decline, the E.O. Smith Drama Club prepares Antlersong, an original musical written by Emma Jayne Smith, another senior director with amazing vision.  Spring’s coming, and the kids are more than ready to break out in song!  

I’m sure we all agree, there has never been a more meaningful time to be making or experiencing live theater together.   

Denise Abercrombie  


Thank you E.O. Smith Foundation for supporting the Drama Club with Challenge 21!

Thank you Ann Marie Morgan for costume supplies and support!

Thank you to Jonathan Robert Smith and Sara Anne Chaine for donated set pieces!

Thank you to Ollie Henchir and Tay Asberry for communications and extra help throughout the show!

Thank you Michael Demers and Jackson Funke of UConn’s Connecticut Repertory Theater for technical expertise! 

Thank you to all families and friends of the cast, crew, and advisors! 

Thank you to Buildings & Grounds for their help with staging and more! 

Thank you to all E.O. Smith students, staff, faculty, and administration for making this production possible!


For yet another E.O. Smith Drama Club Production:

Sat., May 21 & Sun. May 22


An original musical written and directed 

By Emma Jayne Smith