Super Bowl Picks Contest: Winners Declared

Rams or Bengals? 51 Picked Rams, 39 Picked Bengals


The Los Angeles Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 23-30 in Super Bowl LVI, which is important but not as important as declaring our contest winners. We are double-checking the results and selecting our random winners today.

Mr. Koerner takes home the title of champion, edging Rebecca Pavone and Taylor Boothroyd. Mr. Koerner had the Rams winning 24-20, while Rebecca had the Rams prevailing 25-19. Each had 44 points, but Mr. Koerner won on the margin of victory tiebreaker. If not for a botched extra point, then Mr. Koerner would have picked the score perfectly. Taylor predicted 24-21 Rams, so that was just a bit off as well.

Mr. Koerner wants the label of champion, but he has graciously donating his gift card back to the Panther Press, which allows those who finished fourth a slice of the gift card pie as well. Below you will find the gift card winners for our promotion. Gift card winners will receive an email with information about picking up their prizes. 

First Place: Mr. Koerner

Second Place: Rebecca Pavone $20 gift card

Third Place: Taylor Boothroyd $15 gift card

Four Place: Gabriella Hill $10 gift card, and Nick Hollister $10 gift card.

Random winners $10 gift card: Mary Lynch and Brooke Bridges.

Previous Rounds: Random Winners

Mrs. Koerner (and son Michael)

Brendan Raynor





The Panther Press will award gift cards of $20, $15 and $10 to the winners of this week’s contest. Two random winners will be selected from our opening week of picks. We have also added two more random picks to this contest after reaching 75 entries. One random winner will come from those who picked the right winner but did not finish in the top three and a second will come from all entries – regardless of pick. If you need help, then consult Connor “McPicks” McCaughey, who has the Bengals winning by 4, and his advice. The link to his story is at the bottom of this article and also available on the Web Site.

Make sure you do the following to submit your pick:

  • Click on Comments tab attached to this story.
  • As you start to type in “Share Your Thoughts,” the window opens.
  • Predict The Winner and Final Score
  • Underneath the pick, confirm the total points and margin of victory – those are the first two tiebreakers with a random drawing being the third.
  • Use your full name and school email in the form.
  • Members of the community only – although you can seek advice or speak for a family member if you so choose.
  • One entry per person.
  • No entries accepted after 5 p.m. Sunday.
  • You win if you are the only one to pick the score correctly. After that, all winners go to a our tiebreakers starting with total points and then margin of victory and finally, random drawing.


Rams 31, Bengals 20

Total Points: 51

Margin of Victory: 11

Good luck.

Connor McPicks: Bengals by 4